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Making of the great West 1512-1883 (His Stories of American history for young readers)

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TiiM snobtut offspring latif loM t, rflHIS history is intended to meet, so far as it may, the -want for brief, compact, and handy manuals of the beginnings of our country. Although primarily designed for young people, the fact has not been overlooked that the same want exists among adult readers, to whom an intelligent view of the subject, in a little space, is nowhere accessible. For the purpose in hand, the simplest language consistent with clearness has been made use of, though I have never hesitated to employ the right word, whenever I could command it, even if it were of more than three syllables. As in theM aking of New England, this book aims to occupy a place between the larger and lesser histories, to so condense the exhaustive narrative as to give it greater vitality, or so extend what the narrow limits of the schoolhistory often leave obscure as to supply the deficiency. Thus, when teachers have a particular topic before them, it is intended that a chapter on the same subject be read to fill out the bare outlines of the common-school text-book. To this end the plan has been to treat each topic as a unit, to be worked out to a clear understanding of its objects .
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